Welcome to David Armano

Photo credit: Marianne Richmond

I'm very pleased to share with you that David Armano will be joining our team on Monday.

I first met David in October 2006, when he was on his blog's eye view tour with Digitas.  (Before I was on Twitter or owned an iPhone, imagine that!)  We've been connected since then mostly online, sometimes offline.

Since then, many people have become familiar with David's distinct visual thinking and strategic approach to social technologies.  However, his karaoke prowess is still not widely recognized.

The Dachis Corporation is still operating in stealth mode and putting strategic pieces in place.  In the near term, if you'd like to discuss working with David, Kate, Jeff, and/or me about formulating solutions to address your social business needs, let me know via Twitter direct message or email to hello at beingpeterkim.com.