Help! I’m trapped in a social media position.

A sign outside of Príosún Chluain Meala

It’s tough being an internal social media champion.  Let’s count the ways.

  • Counterparts decrying how your focus is filled with fluff
  • Industry experts questioning the value of social media roles
  • Media quick to lash out and magnify questionable results as bankrupting failures

When I speak to people responsible for social media efforts, they believe their efforts will have an impact…eventually.  For now, I’m inclined to believe that these pioneers might as well be sending covert messages out as part of their social media activity.  As someone asked me a few years ago, “isn’t everything you do online basically a live job interview?”

Have hope, internal champions.  Why?
  • Your counterparts are getting themselves up to speed with social, just in case this turns into something
  • The most vocal industry experts are usually consultants who are asking to be hired
  • Media needs your input to save their own business model and to provide valuable content along the way 

I’m not sure companies need a chief social media officer, although that’s what these people are, in essence.  I do believe companies need a social business redesign.  But keep in mind that this shift will take years, maybe decades.