Who are you?

As we transition into social business structures, individual identity will emerge as a business asset. Valuation of these assets will depend on both internal and external measures. Why? Because identity functions as a primary key to organizing the data affiliated with individuals and organizations expanding their thinking into broader ecosystems must recalibrate how employee worth is calculated.

I’m not a fan of the term “personal branding” because to me the phrase implies intent to craft an image that one might want, not necessarily what one may be. As we emerge from the early phase hype cycle in social media and its “rockstars,” “gurus,” and “experts,” I’m hopeful that we are in the last days of sanctioned personal narcissism posing in the guise of building corporate brands.

But moving forward, we will need metafilters and measurement to manage identity at individual and corporate levels.

Consider your digital persona:

Are you represented by a carefully crafted digital presence?

Or are you the sum of who other people say you are?

Or even perhaps a case of mistaken identity? (i.e. what if you name is as common as “Peter Kim”?)