What happened to liveblogging?

We’re Blogging This! on Flickr via Beth77

I spoke at a conference earlier this morning in Dublin, The Digital Festival. I’m still here and listening to the other presentations, Shel Israel earlier and Russell Davies now. These guys have interesting ideas and presentation styles.

And then it hits me – at a different point in social media history, I’d be liveblogging notes from these sessions. Today, there’s no need for this as the technology has evolved and various attendees are taking notes on Twitter hashtagged #BFS10.

So what happened to liveblogging?

Probably a lot of things: new publishing tools (e.g. Twitter, Posterous, Tumblr), attention fragmentation, and value retention (e.g. reserving analysis for private application), among others. Wasn’t live blogging always just a replacement for rich media experience (i.e. video) anyway?

I don’t believe that blogging is “dead” but the act of liveblogging certainly seems to be.