Side effects of Wired’s “Best Accidental Discoveries”

Catching up on reading this weekend – page 28 of the March issue of Wired has a list of "The Best Accidental Discoveries."  The top ten:

10.  Potato chips
9.  Silly putty
8.  Vulcanized rubber
7.  Brandy
6.  Microwave ovens
5.  Artificial sweeteners
4.  Penicillin
3.  X-rays
2.  LSD
1.  Viagra

These have done the world more good than harm, but I thought of a list of "The Side Effects of the Best Accidental Discoveries," not directly correlated with the list above, but rather in order of severity:

10. People mocking your sense of style
9. Dirty hands
8. Half hot, half cold food
7. Blurred vision
6. A bad trip
5. Heartburn
4. Elevated cholesterol
3. Cirrosis
2. Allergic reaction
1. Cancer

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