Staples easy button – some background

Adrants previews a new commercial featuring the Staples easy button – kind of silly but humorous nonetheless.  Now you can buy your own for $4.99 online and Staples has also turned it into an desktop marketing tool – smart.

However, in the beginning, Staples had no intention of doing anything with it, aside from being a fictitious device in commercials.  Then they noticed that someone outside the company had made them and was selling them on eBay.  Store managers were also reporting that customers were coming in and asking for them.  Staples put in a PO for a limited production run in China and they sold out quickly – and you can guess where the story went from there.

Sometimes in merchandising, you just never can tell!

UPDATE:  If you’re trying to buy an easy button, you can get them from the Staples online store.  [follow the link]

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