Google search results – new format

Looks like the Google search results page has been changed to deliver more traffic to different search types.  If you go to the page and search, links to other search types have shifted from text-only labels at top to a left-hand nav with a page rank-style feature.

This is what the old search results page looked like.

Smart thinking, Google.  This will lock in additional loyalty as users find Google search more useful – and also drive more traffic to local, the holy grail of search.

UPDATE:  Seems like they’ve been testing since 3/10 and for me, this format comes up consistently in Firefox, but never in IE 6.0…!

UPDATED UPDATE:  Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Watch says that the test is about "a month or so old."  I guess that’s what I get for writing about something not in my core coverage area!  So when’s it going to move out of beta and into production?  BTW I ran the same search (red sox) on Yahoo! and got an even more useful set of results – scores and schedules.  Nice.

PPPS:  Here’s a link on how to make the results show up in your browser, from Google Blogoscoped.

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