iPod hype-fi

When are we going to see a really useful iPod product extension?  E.g. Bose already makes a great speaker unit.  A few items on the wish shortlist:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Flash drive with MEGA capacity
  • Phone integration

Until one of these happen, can we stop biting on the hype every time Apple gives a head fake?  Maybe if MSFT’s Origami meets expectations, it will kick off a new revolution in CE (and give Redmond new life).

UPDATE:  we got a hi-fi to test out in the office.  It’s big.  Not as aesthetically pleasing as my Bose SoundDock.  I turned it all the way up – good bass response but the highs are muted.  I’d recommend you spend $50 less and go with Bose unless you’re a total Apple freak or are planning to build a custom entertainment unit and slide this in next to your Mac Mini – in which case, you’re a total Apple freak.

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