JetBlue Easter Egg – The Good and The Bad

This afternoon, I was trying to book a ticket on JetBlue and noticed that the site performance was awful.  Now I know why – after going through my RSS feeds, I read that Seth Godin has posted about an easter egg on the site’s route map (apparently breaking the site).

You actually didn’t have to click on Buffalo, any city would do.  Once a route map is displayed, type shift+"pbj" and a Fox Family Guy video pops up.  Awesome.  Makes sense because JetBlue delivers Fox Inflight content.

I’m blogging about it in past tense, because I saw this before but the route map is now a static image instead of flash.  There are a lot of possibilities for this – maybe the server load was affecting bookings, so the easter egg was removed (use a CDN!).  Maybe clicking on a city called another swf that was hacked somehow.  Hopefully this was on purpose and JetBlue’s got something up their sleeve – the new ad campaign is all CGM and a viral experiment like this would fit in [strangely].

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