Recap: 2nd Annual Interactive Promotion Summit

Some notes from last week’s 2nd annual Interactive Promotion Summit in Las Vegas, put on by ePrize.  There were about 350 attendees, around 200 were client-side marketers.

PROMO Magazine’s 2006 Interactive Marketing Awards
– Evaluated 100 campaigns in 10 different categories.  If you’re not linked below, you should really consider better SEO visibility.
– Best viral promotion:  Gap Ambassador Program by A Squared Group
– Best trial recruitment:  Pontiac Solstice Early Order Program by Digitas
– Best loyalty building:  Yahoo Messenger Emoti-contest (in-house)
– Best consumer website (most entries):  Cadillac Under 5 by Arc Worldwide
– Best B2B website:  Heineken Trimester Portlet by Ryan Partnership
– Best podcasting/blogs/RSS:  Cooper Tires Ultimate Bowl Tour Blog by ESPN/ABC
– Best SEM:  Apple Vacations by Refinery
– Best use of email marketing:  12 Deals of Christmas by Toys R Us
– Best digital marketing outside US:  Be The First To Play by icGroup for Pepsi/FritoLay
– Best use of SMS/MMS/Mobile marketing:  Pontiac Catch a G6 by Digitas.  Also best overall interactive marketing campaign for 2006.

Coca-Cola Case Study:  mycokerewards
– Three steps in "precision marketing":  connect, collect, perfect
– Designed to build a "lifetime of loyalty" in four target segments
– New slogan:  "drink choose live"

Keynote:  David Sable, Wunderman
– Talking about viral campaigns at least a year old
– Four keys to global promotion:  all relationship are local, think lifetime value, brand response (TM), customers really manage.  Not a good explanation of the apparent conflict between #2 and #4.
– Great example of Energizer bunny in U.S. vs. Duracell’s use everywhere else
– Google bubble yum spiders eggs

My panel:  The Future of Marketing
– With Joe Jaffe, Gust Kouvaris, and
Anna Tavora
– I enjoyed it and hope the audience got something useful out of the time

See you next year!

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