Tactics to make online TV ads matter

So ABC has figured out how to launch a business model for ad-supported TV online.  Advertisers sound intrigued by the promise of "non-skippable" ad breaks.  Consumers might actually watch the ads, as they’ll be delivered in non-traditional formats.

Hard core fans will definitely be lured in by the chat wrappers around the shows (if they’re usable) – and ironically, we can expect "scheduled time-shifting" as groups will meet online to discuss a show, "e.g. did you catch that Dharma logo?"  Call it the Web 2.0 version of a book club.

So now it’s time to innovate.  Hopefully advertisers will take advantage of their "secondary buys" and thus realize the opportunity to integrate with digital properties.  This vehicle offers the PERFECT opportunity for integration and "see what happens" type integration.  Viewers will be multitasking anyway during the ad breaks they can’t skip, so they might as well be sent to your web site.  Great opportunity for behavioral targeting in web mail for visitors taking a break from TV – make sure the content integrates with the show and you’ve got a home run.

Another opportunity – offer fanatics access to shows before they air on the East Coast for a premium.  It will matter.

To guarantee ad impressions – and infuriate consumers – networks should integrate required click targets within ads to advance the content.  If it’s delivered for free – then the value exchange seems fair enough.

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