Beer Ads Getting…Boring

I hope this isn’t a harbinger for advertising creative.  The New York Times reports today that Miller’s launching a new campaign called "Man Laws" that revolves around a bunch of macho guys sitting around…talking.

I wanted to check out the site, but got a strange "GSI_SHARED_HOSTING" error message.  Maybe someone in Missouri hated the new direction enough that they hacked in and crashed the site.  GSI’s tagline?  An ironic "let’s get it done right."  Perhaps this is a mission statement ala "we try harder."

If beer ads can’t be funny and full of slapstick humor, then what can be?  As someone who watched a lot of television in the 70’s and 80’s, my head is full of old ad slogans and jingles.  I know Intel’s four tones pitch perfect.  Same with the guy yelling "SEGA!"  The recent Pew report on life’s major moments reminded me of the old General Foods International Coffee, "celebrate the moments of your life."

The last soundbite from a commercial that I remember catching the nation’s attention was Bud’s "Whassup."  I bet it’s the same for you.  And these new commercials of a bunch of dudes sitting around a table, talking about things that you discussed with your friends years ago (like the  Coors "wingman" commercials) aren’t going to leave a lasting impression when you’re standing in the beverage aisle at the supermarket about to make a choice on which beer to grab.

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