corporate kids on myspace

I was just thinking about the growing number of corporate characters on MySpace and then a post from Organic popped up in my RSS feeds.  Marketers are finding new ways to tap into MySpace every day and this tactic is increasing in popularity.  Are they finding success?  Here’s one way to tell.

Organic commented on number of friends as a measure of campaign resonance – I’d like to take their analysis one step further.  Although the pages were supported by different levels of support, there are some clear differences involving orders of magnitude.  Starting with the number of friends in a network, divided by the number of days from the first posted comment to today (to get a sense for tenure), some differences emerge.

Let’s call this a MySpace POPULARITY AND POWER RANKING just for fun.  [the number represents friends pro-rated based on number of days online]

Makes sense when you think about a "typical" myspace user, doesn’t it?  Steve Rubel posted on The Magic "T" of Marketing yesterday – thinking about the PPR above, it should be noted that creating a myspace place for every campaign isn’t right for everyone.  Then again, the cost of social computing technologies are so low – why not?

Speaking of which – the cost of securing rights and talent releases sometimes isn’t cheap – be sure you get broad inclusion of internet/web rights before shooting your next campaign – and before agents start splitting out domain names in contracts!

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