Forbes+LinkedIn: Social Network Is Seeing the $$$

ForbeslinkedinWith all the chatter about monetizing social network users, I found this partnership timely.  After logging in to LinkedIn last night, the screen at right popped up, announcing a partnership between the networking site and

Although I’d guess the AdSense and Adbrite ads they’re running are bringing in some revenue, in addition to premium memberships, securing deals like this are a way to increase the revenue flow pretty quickly.  Moreover, it’s a great way for a traditional media company to get involved with social computing and learn how to extend their business model into the CGM space.

Wonder when we’ll see something similar with Spin or Fader on MySpace.  Or more corporate groups fight for "linkedin juice"  (see "google juice").

BTW this is my page on LinkedIn; if you want to see how the groups are presented on a profile, click the "view full profile" button:


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