Minority Report at O’Hare

So there’s print and online – now there’s outdoor and online.  Mediapost reports that Accenture is sponsoring an interactive touchscreen up at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.  It’s being developed by Schematic, who participated in the conceptual design of the crazy computer in the film Minority Report.

Schematic’s executive creative director, Dale Herigstad, outlines a model of media distances/personal space:

  • 20 feet or more:  "public" or "outdoor" media (e.g. things like billboards)
  • 10 – 20 feet:  friends and family (e.g. TV)
  • About 2 feet:  personal (e.g. computers)
  • Less than 1 foot:  private (e.g. personal devices like iPods)

Assuming these distances are for people in the U.S., no word on how these distances would be shortened for Europeans or extended for Asians.

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