Mosquito Magnet – WOM

Mosquito_netYou might not be able to relate to this post if you spend most of your time in a fairly urban area.  But if you don’t, or even enjoy visiting a park now and then, you know that summer’s just around the corner which means…mosquitoes.  [btw don’t click on the picture until you finish reading this post – it will make more sense.]

Look, I hate mosquitoes.  I can’t find any redeeming answers for why they should remain in anyone’s circle of life.  Skimmed Wikipedia; looks to me like all they’re good for is transmitting malaria and west nile.

So…what’s going on with the picture?  That, my friend, is the net from the inside of my Mosquito Magnet.  I read about this device years ago in a newspaper article or maybe an in-flight magazine and how they were being used by the government.  They’re not cheap, starting at $200; the best models run around $1,300.  This article from 2003 discusses how the company had grown 25,615%.  That’s a lot.

I’m guessing I don’t have to elaborate on what the brown stuff is inside the net.  That picture is worth not one thousand, but only one word – "YES."  Which is the answer to the question, "do those things work?"

To this day, I’ve never seen an ad for a mosquito magnet and purchased mine on word-of-mouth, similarly influencing the sale of a few others.  Not sure what American Biophysics has for creative, but I’d say they are in prime position to launch a killer CGM campaign.

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