MySpam: Shootout at Henry Blodget’s Blog

I followed a link to this story on Henry Blodget’s blog about MySpace.  All in all, it was a waste of time, with no news (almost the same story from paidcontent last quarter), analysis ("traffic should not necessarily be viewed as a good proxy for business value"), or recommendations ("show us the money" how, Henry?).  BUT I stumbled across something else that made the post totally worth it.

You have to scroll down to the comments.  The first one is from victor – who comments "first" about 15 minutes after the post went live.  Then King Troll comments, "F*** Second You are becoming a strong opponent Victor" six minutes later.  I thought this was strange, but then checked out some more posts and comments.  billy is another formidable opponent, along with trollkiller as well.  These guys are having a shootout to see who can comment first on posts.

To get the full surreal effect, you have to read these along with some of the other commenters trying to get down to serious financial business.  It looks like this is a typepad blog, so I’m not sure why Blodget doesn’t turn on moderation or ban IPs.  Tough to have a serious (?) financial discussion with all the noise.  Even funnier because these guys turn around and post about their investment strategies – the game isn’t even about getting linkie winkie with search ratings.

Sometimes social computing is just about some senseless "Dude, Where’s My Car" fun.

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