You are worth $0.02 on MySpace

A blogger in Brooklyn reports an offer to buy MySpace profiles with 20,000+ friends.  At prevailing rates, a 20k friend account should net about $300.  How do I know?


For 7 successfully completed auctions on "myspace account" – the highest being $960 – the average selling price per name is $0.015.  The CPM is $15.09…pretty high unless you consider friends as "quality" leads.  But how close can someone be with 69,000 friends?

Searches on eBay for "facebook account," "friendster account," and "bebo account" come up empty.  So how much does this sell-out matter?  Not to marketers who create character accounts – that’s pretty much free.  Or marketers who buy display ads – that’s here today, gone tomorrow.  Or even partners like Helio or Cingular – those deals end, too.

No, the biggest potential loser here is News Corp – as the value of its network and users becomes suspect while bots and scripts take over.  The best thing to do would be to sell it now to a desperate media company who might feel that they missed out on a huge opportunity…

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