MSM and CGM must co-exist

From this independent’s perspective, CGM is better at covering
"newsworthy" events in Europe and Asia and our public acumen needs to
sharpen in the U.S.  We’ll clearly benefit from the combination of MSM
+ CGM, but not for another couple of years – watch for a boost in 2008
with election coverage.

UPDATE:  Case in point:  The WSJ reports
at 11:38 am that Enron founder Kenneth Lay died today after being
admitted to the ER at 3:10 am.  Many blogs referencing CNN.  The AP appears to have published the story first at 10:39 am.  However, MSM sticks to facts while blogs certainly adding color from both the left and the right.

I consider myself an political independent, closer to being apolitical than affiliated with either major U.S. party.  As a quick reference check, I took this quiz and landed right in the middle.  If anything, I’d like to see the Purple Party emerge.  This is what growing up in red states and going to school + making a living in blue states will do to you.

So I enjoy listening to both NPR and WEEI in the mornings and watch both Fox News and CNN.  I don’t really read news blogs, but notice in particular when stories cross-over from the blogosphere to the mainstream and vice versa.

Most recently, stories from blog to mainstream were AOL disconnect and sleeping Comcast technician.  Yesterday, it was a report on North Korea’s missile test on Boing Boing.  With three updates.

It strikes me that big stories from the blogosphere end up on the news – usually in the back half of the program before sports and after local interest stories like "Raccoon Caught In Chimney."  Really big stories – ones with global impact – always break first in MSM.

As media organizations continue to morph and adjust to Web 2.0, clearly local and regional outlets need to embrace the change most, with national and global outlets feeling less impact but adapting as well.

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