Request: Publishers, warn your readers before configuration changes!

Consider this an open request to the new media publishers of the world:

When you decide to change your blog’s URL or redirect your RSS feed, please publish a quick notice in your OLD feed that:

  1. something’s changing and
  2. what it is about to become.

Otherwise, the chance of you disappearing from someone’s list of feeds is highly likely.

Last month, I noticed that Guy Kawasaki hadn’t posted in a long time.  Then after visiting his blog in a web browser, I saw that he had reconfigured his feed.  This week, I noticed that MarketingProfs had been pretty quiet – then after a direct visit saw that they changed their blogging URL (which caused other technical issues.)

Maybe I just missed the notices – but I don’t think so.  Apparently not all aspects of the consumer generated media revolution are quite plug and play.