The Prescience of PUMA

PumaAn AP article talks about PUMA’s good fortune from Italy’s World Cup championship.  Two key points are missing.

1.  The sponsorship gives a short-term boost to replica kit and related apparel sales.  The real value lies within the core equipment business – namely, the boots that the players wear that companies hope will be purchased by football-playing fans.

2.  It’s easy to overlook the fact that PUMA’s contract with the Italian National Team began in 2003.  This was on par with the early signing of other athletes that went on to greatness – Serena Williams, Vince Carter, and Ricky Williams – only to leave PUMA for more money, i.e. Nike.

Hopefully this win allows them to sign more high caliber players and teams, as well as hold on to the quality ones they already have on board.  For companies wondering how to do a lot without a large budget, this company is a great example.  While they weren’t able to hold on to their superstars forever, they were certainly able to make some good bets and gain momentum.


So you may not have the biggest budget in the world…but how are you making the most of your prospects and ideas, regardless?

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