Brand partnerships ala Jerry Maguire

BlissOne way to build a brand is via partnerships with others that share similar ideals.  What’s interesting is when you string some brands together and see where it gets you.  Pictured at right is the JetBlue Shut-Eye Kit from bliss.  Let’s actually start this chain with the in-flight coffee:

Dunkin’ Donuts + JetBlue + bliss + W hotels + PUMA + MINI + Mandarina Duck = "lifestyle."

Make sense?  Let’s try another one:

Nike + Apple + BMW + Intel + Skype = "performance."

Seems like we’re move towards a persona-based world where brands help define Jerry Maguire-style customer segments, where our target is "holding a beverage, wearing a shoe, playing a video game, singing a song in a commercial starring her/himself."