More on LinkedIn and related spam

I’m still getting random LinkedIn requests on a regular basis.  I’m a big fan of social computing and online networking – but there are specific ways I use my LinkedIn network.  That’s why I removed about 700 connections – so I can better respond to useful requests from colleagues and friends. 

  • Useful:  Helping someone find a new job.
  • Not Useful:  Requests to update someone else’s online address book.
  • Useful:  Facilitating a research request.
  • Not Useful:  Someone who’s connected to 1,000+ people but ignores requests.

I’d be happy to connect – if we have something in common.  I recommend following this best practice piece of advice and suggest you view requests to connect in a similar fashion:

"Why should I bother to connect personally with you, if you can’t be
bothered to write me a personal note? Plus, because the average
businessperson has more than 3,000 connections, you should probably
include a description of how you know me if you’re not 100% sure I’ll
remember your name."

[I typically have to do this because of the incredibly common recurrence of my name.]

But here’s a tip:  if you want to make your LinkedIn connection unbreakable, use lower case to start your name, e.g. "peter kim" or "Peter kIm".  There are some stragglers left in my network and LinkedIn’s customer service has been unable to help with these, even manually.