is made of tubes; my order is “stuck.”

I’m in the midst of a lousy shopping experience with that calls for a blog post.

This ordeal actually goes back to October 2005.  A friend of mine was married in Kentucky and one of the places they had registered was Target.  So it was easy enough to find the online registry and order five different pieces of a serving set.

11/1/05:  Estimated delivery date.

12/9/05:  Something goes wrong.  One of the pieces is out of stock and gets a new delivery date.

3/21/06:  Four months after the wedding and a technical glitch: 

"Although we previously notified you that the above-referenced order
was cancelled, due to a technical error, this cancellation wasn't
processed and the order has been shipped to the recipient.

We're sorry for this inconvenience and we'd like to offer you a $10
e-GiftCard to apologize for this error. You can use this e-GiftCard
toward your next online order at You'll find the claim
code and further details below."

Well, at least they got the gifts (I think).  Inconvenience?  How is getting something you were supposed to receive in the first place a problem?  Too bad it wasn’t in a proper timeframe.

8/16/06:  I decide to use the $10 giftcard.  Shopping at is tough, because anything I’d want still gets taxed and is also jacked way up by shipping charges.  But for $10 off a $28 electric razor cutting block replacement – online is OK.  I place my order.

8/28/06:  My package is supposed to arrive.

9/5/06:  Nothing has shown up and my order is still being "prepared for shipment."  I called customer service today and after a lot of "hmm"s and "huh"s, I’m told that my order is "stuck" in the system.  "Stuck?" I ask.  "Yes, it’s just stuck."  Someone will email me by the end of the week to let me know if the order can be "un-stuck" and shipped or not.

I think that maybe Sen. Ted Stevens runs the technical architecture – my order is stuck somewhere in the series of tubes that makes up their e-commerce system.

Maybe I’ll get a $10 gift card out of it.  For anyone who sees me in the meantime, please pardon my poor shave while we work this out.

(BTW how did the razor break in the first place?  Because I checked my luggage…)