AMA’s Winning Strategies For Success

Dennis Dunlap, CEO of the AMA gave this morning’s Mplanet 2006 opening speech.  The heart of the message focused on five "Winning Strategies For Success:"

  1. Start a fire, then carry the torch. Profitable growth challenge. Innovation drives organic growth. Take lead don’t follow. Be a builder.
  2. Wear the customer’s shoes, create a path for them. It’s how you
    gain credibility and enhance value. It’s how you drive success. Creating the customer path.
  3. Measure with precision and prove your mettle. CEOs expect it. Marketers must deliver on it. It’s hard but achievable.
  4. Run a sprint AND a marathon. An inescapable reality – financial performance. Master dual agenda – dashboard with ST metrics and LT brand building. Optimize spending based on customer impact.
  5. Know who you are and create who you want to be. Today’s marketing organizations are broken. Build around customer. Secure right skills and competencies. Rationalize value chain. Make IT your partner.

The fifth strategy in particular draws heavily on Forrester’s research into Reinventing the Marketing Organization (and was cited many times).  I’ll be going deep into the topic during my spotlight session on Friday at 10:45 am.