Loic Le Meur – A day in the life of a [super-]blogger

Loic Le Meur spoke during the final session of the Forrester Consumer Forum EMEA 2006.  His presentation was humbly titled, "The day of a blogger."

LOL!  If Loic’s life as a blogger is representative, then Davos would be a bunch of ordinary people sitting around chatting about the weather [is it already?].  I prefer to call Loic’s discussion "A day in the life of a super-blogger."

Le Meur is EVP/MD of Six Apart Europe.  His presentation style is very engaging and entertaining – the audience was clearly hanging on every word from the stage.  Some insight on what it’s like being Loic Le Meur:

  • in: 100 emails
    from blog (not spam) – including corporate pitches, 100 comments, learnings, 2
    requests to speak, 2 journalists
  • out: 3 or 4
    posts, 3 to 5 comments, 1 video podcast, 1 speech/paper/TV, 2 interviews
  • why?  My ego (downplayed greatly) –  My brain’s memory assistant –  Pleasure to share (even if 100 people hate what I
    write, there may still be one who thinks it’s interesting) – Learn from the others – Collective intelligence –  Get background on anything/everybody – Self-promotion –  Business opportunities that come to you – Incredible opportunities (Davos, TV, press…) – Could be revenue (but I am not pushing it – approx. 3,000 euro/month) – International network – High level networking – Ability to do amazing projects in a short period of

Le Meur’s recommendations for the audience on how to approach bloggers:

  • Read what they say!
  • Identify the influencers and sort them (by influence, number of links, audience by expertise)
  • Treat them as journalists

And conversely, how to NOT approach bloggers:

  • lies
  • fake blogging
  • fake comments
  • comments spam
  • press releases in standard form
  • ask for positive reviews
  • no response to criticism
  • no follow-up

But being successful means having to "unlearn marketing."

Traditional: imagine a product; market survey; test market; production; heavy marketing; success or failure

New:  share; create a community; understand what the users want, get feedback;
launch ‘beta’; launch the product

Some glimpses into the future:  la Fraise, WoW, the Venice Project, SL, GooTube, Vox.