Deja vu in stock photography

StockphotoEven seen a picture in someone’s marketing communications and gotten a sense of deja vu?  This week’s WSJ wrote about "When Marketers See Double."  In a nutshell, too many marketers are short-cutting the creative process and using stock photos in their ads – often, the same ones that their competitors.

Case in point.  I was in Ireland last week and found an insert in my newspaper (pictured at left).  There’s a group photo of people who’ve completed qualifications recognition.  Naturally, they’re happy.

Problem is, they’re not Irish.  They’re a bunch of New Yorkers (so maybe some are) who were paid to take part in a group photoshoot.  How do I know this?  Because my friend Hosen is in the picture (the Asian guy in the back left).  In addition to a registered Irish professional, he’s been a satisfied Sprint employee in Las Vegas and made an appearance in the Washington DC area as well.

Maybe it’s a creative issue in general – check out this post on reusing the "Wilhelm Scream" in cinema.