Five things about Being Peter Kim

Jumping into the "5 things you didn’t know about me" meme, thanks to Max Kalehoff (borrowed his blogpulse meme tracker, pictured at right)…

  1. My first job was scooping ice cream at a local shop – the kind of place where we made it ourselves.  One responsibility – keep my recovering alcoholic co-worker away from the Maker’s Mark used for bourbon ball ice cream.  (He did whippits instead.)
  2. I won tickets to see R.E.M. in 1989 by winning a local radio station contest to see who could Stand on one leg the longest.
  3. I graduated from college before I could drink legally.  No bars meant four years of plan b.
  4. In 1998, I visited North Korea.  It was like stepping into a time warp, almost something you’d see in a movie.  Some day I’ll find the pictures and post to Flickr.  Posted on 5/31/07.
  5. And finally more on my name and why I started blogging – including how I learned to love the blog.

So I’m late to this meme and it appears that these illustrious bloggers have yet to be tagged (or haven’t posted yet):

And for good measure: [these are not links to me!]

And some have been already, like Josh Hallett, Lewis Green, Sean Howard, Doug Karr.

UPDATE:  FYI the links to "Peter Kim" above are to three different people with the same name…not me!  Someone emailed me and asked for a link to her blog; she had tagged herself and also linked to herself four times.  Not the spirit of the meme, IMHO.