Gian Fulgoni – ComScore Networks

Dennis Dunlap started the closing session by stating that the best way to end Mplanet was to look to the future.

Gian Fulgoni from ComScore shared some interesting information on the globalization of the internet.  In September 2006, there were 726 million people online globally, with 173 million from the US.  The top three global properties:

  1. Microsoft.  505 million annual visitors, 79% non-US.
  2. Yahoo.  481 million annual visitors, 76% non-US.
  3. Google.  467 million annual visitors, 80% non-US.

Unfortunately, the power to the A/V went dead in the middle of Gian’s speech, right as he was discussing comparison shopping.  Ironically, he had noted earlier that the internet is having an impact on price transparency, actually starting to decrease revenue levels at retail.  Mere coincidence or the work of a disgrunted e-retailer?