Google maps adds waypoints

Google maps has added the ability to insert waypoints into directions.  Word has been out for a couple weeks, but it’s been a low-key launch; the only "official" announcement I came across was a mention at the end of the December Google Friends newsletter.  So why blog it?  Because I stumbled across the functionality serendipitously and have blogged about the need for this before.

OK, so what does this mean?  Assume you’re driving from Boston to Philadelphia.  However, you’re not particularly interested in experiencing Manhattan-area traffic which means taking the Tappan Zee bridge.  The default directions don’t help – in the past, you’d have to create two maps.  Now, you can add a destination like South Nyack which gets you to where you want to go.

The difference?  5 hours 48 minutes vs. 5 hours 27 minutes, but in reality you know that rather than adding 21 minutes, you’re probably saving a more than an hour!