Mplanet 2006 – It’s a small world after all

ItsasmallworldIn retrospect, the most remarkable thing about Mplanet 2006 was the global multimedia access that non-attendees had via social computing.  You can find content in blogs, video and photos, in addition to mainstream news.  Did you have to be there in-person?  Yes – there are too many intangibles that make the experience worthwhile.  However, if you were unable to find the time or budget, these technologies certainly deliver a humanized digital experience.

As of this evening, I’m scheduled to moderate a panel at WOMMA’s Research Symposium in eight days – a conference where I’d expect quite a bit of outwardly bound communication as well.

Now more than ever, it’s a small world after all.

UPDATE:  Wow.  Check out this summary from MarketingShift.