Sucrology and game mechanics

Max Kalehoff wrote a post in June about "Game Mechanics Applied to Marketing And Brands."  The idea has recently gotten some mainstream attention highlighting a framework of five key tenets explaining why people enjoy games – and how the same principles can be applied to marketing (more on this in a second).

On an Aer Lingus flight in November from London to Shannon, I read an interesting article in Cara about sugar collecting.  And given that the sugar packets in Europe tend to be different than those in the US, I figured it was a good place to start – with pictures.  (Otherwise, I’d probably be collecting a bunch of insects somewhere in my house as well.)

Little did I know there was an actual term for this practice – sucrology.  And by creating a group on Flickr, there’s a way to make it a more interesting experience as well.  It’s a place for:

  1. Collecting:  posting pics of packets I run into
  2. Points:  members, page views, discussion threads
  3. Feedback:  comments on member pictures
  4. Exchanges:  sharing pics with others
  5. Customization:  Editing the group page and related properties, like the wikipedia entry, future blog, etc.

That’s the best part of social computing – IT’S FUN.  (Ever think about why you blog?)

BTW – if anyone can help get a copy of that article, it would be very much appreciated!