Razorfish Reports v2.0

Razorfish MOM

A lot has changed at Razorfish since Y2K (I worked there between 2000 – 2001).  One clear difference can be found in their white papers.

During the first incarnation of the company, Razorfish white papers covered subjects like “How To Peel A Chicken” and “Tom’s Rules Of Thumbing.”  I suggested a couple of topics for publications to our Chief Scientistreal options applied to digital strategy and system dynamics thinking for e-commerce.  Both were rejected as impractical.

Now, Avenue A | Razorfish publishes “Points of View” that cover big-time enterprise-focused topics.  Much more useful to making money, something the old company was not particularly good at doing.  For example, their most recent report on “Actionable Analytics” answers 14 questions that you might face as a marketer who has web analytics, but need help monetizing the insight.

Like MOM (the old Razorfish internet, pictured at left), it looks like the old ways of doing business are gone and a profitable, mature enterprise has emerged.

[and let me know when you publish on those topics!]