How to tell when someone’s looking for a new job

With the rise of web 2.0, I’ve noticed some new indicators that pop up when someone’s looking for a new job.  No value judgments intended – just taking note of some workplace trends.

You know most of the old ones; the most obvious:

  • Randomly overdressed for the environment (Valid reason?  Funeral.  Questionable?  "I just felt like wearing something nice today.")
  • Sudden medical appointments (Valid reason?  An obvious ailment.  Questionable?  "The slot just opened up."  These usually take weeks, if not months to schedule.)
  • Spur-of-the-moment vacation plans (Valid reason?  Spontaneous personality.  Questionable?  "Just need to get away for a day to clean the house.")

And some not so obvious:

  • Mobile calls to the office and conference room conversations (the landline works just fine)
  • Moving further away from the office (but closer to the new one)
  • Someone who complains incessantly who doesn’t anymore

Enter the web 2.0 updates:

  • Getting LinkedIn requests from co-workers you see regularly
  • A new blog that’s less content and more resume focused

These are all situations I’ve seen or managed – anything else you’d add from your experience?