WOMMA Summit starts with big news

The biggest gathering of professionals in word-of-mouth marketing kicks off today – WOMMA’s Research Symposium and Marketing Summit.  I’ll be moderating a panel later today called "brand monitoring: following the conversation in a word of mouth world."

Any event organizer wants their conference to start out with a momentum-producing event…and this morning WOMMA announced via email that Andy Sernovitz, Founder and CEO, will be leaving the organization in April 2007.  In his words, WOMMA is "no longer a startup" and "the most important service a true entrepreneur can provide to his company is to
get the hell out of the way when the startup days are over."  True that.

Perhaps we’ll hear more about the reasons why over the next few days – book doing well?  Edelman fallout?  An early April Fools 2007 joke?

Best of luck, Andy.  In the past year covering the space, it’s been quite a ride and fun working with you.