Advice requested: What to do when someone steals your content?

One more housekeeping post before Being Peter Kim returns to its regular marketing and advertising content…

I’d like your advice on what to do when you see your content republished without any attribution.  This is the downside of greater influence – more people are likely to take ideas and republish them as their own.  I consider this to be intellectual theft.  Is that too extreme?

I’ve stumbled across republished content by accident – not necessarily in places with great reach, but annoying nonetheless.  And it’s not something as general as "customer-centric marketing" – it’s more along the lines of specific concepts.

So what would you do?  Email the author?  Leave a comment?  Call it out on your own blog with trackback?  Do nothing?  Something else?

Your advice appreciated (in comments).

[image from unity.project on Flickr]