Carnival of Marketing – arrives here next week

As part of the Z-list meme, I discovered some great new content like Servant of Chaos, Craphammer, and mindblob.  From browsing around, I also came across the idea of "blog carnivals."  They seem like an interesting way to aggregate timely, recent content – so I volunteered to host the Carnival of Marketing for a couple of weeks on Being Peter Kim.

Here’s how it works – email me by the end of this week with a post that you’d like featured in the carnival.  Let me know who you are, where the post lives, and the main point you’re making.  I’ll aggregate the posts and publish the "carnival" at the beginning of the week, on January 28th and February 4th.

Looking forward to your posts!

By the way, The Rimm-Kaufman Group blog is hosting the current carnival.  They’re a good firm to consider for SEM/SEO as well.