Carnival of Marketing – Week 1

Lots of great content submitted for this week’s carnival of marketing.

Let’s start by thinking small and a great post from Dimano Marketing, offering 99 Branding Tips For Poor Web Startups [or anyone, really!].  On the other hand, we have Jim Logan pointing out differences in B2B vs. B2C marketing and copywriting.

mindblob points out an older post on a topic that always seems relevant – blogging motivators, i.e. why people blog.  A question that many marketers no doubt still seek an answer for.

Continuing with social media, Sara Holoubek points out an example of social media before there was "social media":  Burma-Shave.  As an aside, you might enjoy the Vintage Advertising group on Flickr.

But I’d be remiss by not closing with a totally astonishing and awesome post from Andrea Learned – also the reason for the photo of Tofino (credit: Jacek S. on Flickr).