Portfolio of spam stock recommendations

Just for fun, I’ve set up a stock portfolio on Yahoo! Finance to track all the hot picks that make it through my spam filter.  There’s a new widget on the right-hand nav to show its performance.  Basic approach: buy in lots of 100 less commission (same as my regular online brokerage). 

Will track recommendations in this post.


  • 26 Jan 07: Bought Physicians Adult Daycare (PHYA.PK).  Thanks, "Alex Walter"!
  • 29 Jan 07: Bought Hemisphere Gold Inc (HPGI.PK).  Thanks, "Max McKnight"!
  • 05 Feb 07: Bought West Excelsior Enterprises (WEXE.PK).  Thanks, "Danielle Kelly"!
  • 08 Feb 07: Bought Mobile Airwaves New (MBWC.PK).  Thanks, "Annmarie Carson"!
  • 13 Feb 07: Bought Kimber-X Resources (KRXR.PK).  Thanks, "Kyle Guerra"!
  • 20 Feb 07: Bought Goldmark Industries (GDKI.PK).  Thanks, "Neva Powers"!
  • 22 Feb 07: Bought Irwin Resources (IWRS.PK).  Thanks, "Eula McCoy"!
  • 27 Feb 07: Bought Victory Energy Corp (VYEY.OB).  Thanks, "Jorge Gentry"!
  • 28 Mar 07: Bought Peopleline Telecom (PPTM.PK) and Palomar Enterprises (PLMA.OB)
  • 03 May 07: Bought West Excelsior Enterprises (TRDX.PK).  Repeat offender!