Rest in Peace, James Kim

You may have heard of the tragedy of James Kim.  I followed this story and felt connected in many different ways to the situation; I discovered another strange parallel this week.

First, let me get to what matters:  scholarship funds have been set up for Kim’s daughters; you can get more information for California or Kentucky.

A couple of days after Kim’s body was discovered, I got a call from a high school friend I hadn’t heard from in at least ten years.  Some classmates had heard the news and mistakenly thought I was deceased.  I thought it was just a case of Kentuckians being Kentuckians until this week, when I found out that James Kim went to the same high school that I did, graduating two years earlier.  (BTW The best known member of Ballard High School’s Class of 1989?  Allan Houston, former New York Knick.)

RIP James Kim.  If you’re familiar with this story, check this article for information on lessons to be learned.  As linked above, scholarship funds have been established for the Kim daughters.

[Happy New Year!  And now back to marketing and advertising in 2007.]