Advertising Works! Here’s proof.

More results were released from Project Apollo, showing a lift of 5 – 8% for consumers exposed to advertising.  The potential here is enormous.  Start with timing and creative insight here and use household level targeting from a company like Visible World – and the industry just might be able to get past clutter and irrelevance.  Interruption is a bigger programming issue – but throw branded entertainment in there and you’ve got yourself a winner.

For anyone who reads the news and thinks, "so what?  we already know that ads work."  Because believe me, I’ve heard this sentiment many times before.  You show ads, you sell more products.  But that’s the shotgun approach.  Technology allows you to answer the more refined question, "how well?"

And that’s approaching the issue like a ninja, not like a frontier settler in a coon-skin cap.

[photo:  rahen z]