Super Post XLI

I get the feeling that coverage of Super Bowl ads has stepped up a notch this year, don’t you?  At the same time, I’m not excited about what we’ll see because:

1. it will be available online anyway and
2. only one or two advertisers will really use their spot to drive web traffic (GoDaddy will be one).

Here are some of the useful and/or interesting sources I’ve seen regarding the game:

Spotbowl:  vote on ads during the game
– Akamai’s Advertising Net Usage Index
– AdFreak live blog
– YouTube alternative dot-com ads

– Ad Age roundup and ad matrix
New York Times on how to get more mileage out of a spot
Wall Street Journal on ads for the ads
– Consumer ads:  NFL, Doritos, Chevy

And if you care about the game, there’s ESPN’s Super Bowl Central.