The Best Super Bowl Ad of 2007

Rochambeau_1 A progression from last year’s Super Bowl has been the proliferation of voting sites, giving consumers a chance to vote on their favorite ads.  In true consumer-generated fashion, the people have spoken and chosen their 30-second winners:

  1. Bud Light :: Rock, Paper, Scissors
  2. Bud Light :: English Class
  3. Budweiser :: Stray Dog/Fake Dalmatian
  4. Blockbuster :: Rabbit & Mouse
  5. Doritos :: CGM Car Crash
  6. Bud Light :: Horror Flick Hitchhikers
  7. Snickers :: Chest Hair/The Kiss
  8. Nationwide :: K-Fed Fast Food
  9. Bud Light :: Wedding Auctioneer
  10. Bud Light :: Crabs

The methodology – I took the top ten winners from sources that tallied consumer views and votes:  AdBowl, AOL, iFilm, Spotbowl, TiVo, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and YouTube.  Each source was weighted equally; a #1 ranking was worth 10 points, #10 ranking was worth 1 point.  (I’ve published the raw data in a Google Spreadsheet.)

Some takeaways from the top 10:

  • All used humor in their creative executions
  • Five were from the 1st quarter, two from the 2nd quarter
  • Six spots were from Anheuser-Busch; the only two that didn’t make it were Apes and Fist Bump
  • What didn’t chart:  Car ads; sexually-oriented ads (e.g. GoDaddy, Chevy HHR); 3rd quarter ads

Consumers have spoken.  And they’ve said, "Here’s to beer."