$2 billion. Would you buy Facebook or DoubleClick?

Earlier this week, I moderated a panel discussion for the MIT Enterprise Forum of New York, called "The Future of Advertising."  The attendees were engaged and the panelists were insightful.  It’s tough to blog an event when you’re the MC, but one discussion point stands out in my mind.

Near the close of the discussion, I asked the audience to vote by show of hands – if you were a VC with $2 billion to spend, which would you buy:  Facebook or DoubleClick?

The audience overwhelmingly chose DoubleClick.  The panelists resoundingly disagreed, opting for the relationships and long-term potential of Facebook.  One abstention to note:  Jerry Shereshewsky, Yahoo!’s ambassador plenipotentiary to Mad Ave.  A title I’d like to hold someday.

What about you?