Don’t fall asleep under a durian tree

Have you heard of durian?  People have a love/hate relationship with this Southeast Asian fruit.  Most people hate it. 

Seth has posted a durian analogy on brand essence and loyalty.  I’ve found that Seth is like durian to many marketers.  If you love his writing, you can’t get enough.  If you hate it, the mere mention of his name is repulsive.  Most people love him.

I had some roommates one time who loved durian (the fruit).  It’s on my list of foods titled, "Tried once, never again."  Black pudding is on there.   Chicken feet too.  Anyway, there are a couple of sayings in Laos about durian (h-among many):

1. You always know when you’re walking by a durian grove.  Garbage dump?  Durian grove?  Hard to tell.
2.Don’t fall asleep under a durian tree.  You may never wake up.

Strange how surströmming doesn’t seem to have these problems…(and is quite tasty).

If you’ve never heard of these things, follow the links.  You’ll be a better educated citizen of the global marketing village.  But honestly, nothing compares with the live experience.