Sales and PR – learn from the mistakes of advertising

When I was a client-side marketer, I would get calls all day long from sales people pitching stuff.  After a month, I learned how to vet call value within the first 10 seconds.  After six weeks, I learned how to respond to aggressive sales pitches.

I don’t have [a lot of] sales people calling me anymore, but I do get lots of people calling to try and pitch their great ideas.  Of course you think it’s great.  It’s your business.  But why would you assume that I am #1 interested in your offer, when I’m almost certainly in the middle of something else that has nothing to do with your call and #2 that I am interested in stopping what I’m doing to listen to your pitch?

Maybe advertisers don’t understand this either.  Interruption and irrelevance don’t work.  You can’t annoy consumers into caring.

Push and pull.  Permission and relationship.  Use them wisely.