Video iPod – am I missing something?

Last weekend, I saw the one thing on my screen that no iPod owner ever wants to see:  the sad iPod.  I’ve had the folder icon before, but there’s something a bit more depressing about the sad icon.  Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t revive or reset my 4th gen ipod and was haunted by the *click* of a broken hard drive.

So I resigned myself to selling the old one on eBay for parts (where they actually fetch pretty good prices), then bucked up and bought a new 5.5th gen video ipod, the 5th one I’ve owned.  Slimmer form factor, better screen resolution (color!), way fewer accessories than the first ipod (where’s the dock?  headphone controls?  carrying case?).

I jumped on to the iTunes store to download some video.  The shows I want to watch are already on DVR – why would I want to pay $1.99?  I figured news would be free – nope, $1.99.  Isn’t this stuff highly perishable?  So what am I missing?  Why would I want to pay $1.99 for video that I probably already have on DVR, is already yesterday’s news, and plays on a screen smaller than the size of a business card?

Is there something I’m missing about why the video part of the video iPod is so great?