Google acquiring Feedburner: Burn now or [forever] hold your feeds!

I meant to say something about this before, but there’s still time as this deal hasn’t been "officially" announced and now the deal is official.  That fact also makes it one of the worst kept secrets of 2007 – the beans are spilt and the cat’s out.

Google is supposedly buying Feedburner for $100 million.  I think Feedburner’s great and have been using both their free and paid services (yes, I’m paying for them, I don’t get much for free around here).

If you are a blogger or other self-publisher, you’d be wise to set up a Feedburner account NOW a.k.a. "burn a feed" before the deal closes.  Why?  Because from what I see, when Google buys a company, it typically gets closed off from the public and months or years pass before it’s openly available again.  And this one is too valuable of a tool for you to miss out on for the rest of 2007.

UPDATE:  The deal is now closed and Feedburner will remain up and running during integration.  Hooray!  (Hope this isn’t the proverbial "open heart surgery while running a marathon" for you all…)