Google-juice goes prime time

Front page article in today’s WSJ:  "You’re a Nobody Unless Your Name Googles Well."  The concept behind this has been around – think, which powers its marketing with cyber-stalking principles.  There are even consultants who can help you increase your google juice, offering suggestions like changing your name.

As the web grows (BTW is there a Hubble’s law for internet expansion?) and search algorithms change, placing well in search results gets more challenging.  When I started this blog about a year ago, a Google search for Peter Kim yielded 27.8 million results.  Today, the same search yields 43.9 million results!

I think I speak for everyone named Peter Kim out there when I say we’re relieved that the result for "Peter Kim: Gay or Asian?" has dropped quite a bit in the rankings.  But my favorite search result of all doesn’t show up:  The Official Peter Kim Group on Facebook.