Serendipity from Twitter

2004bannerHave you ever been thinking about social computing and wondered something like this:

"Wouldn’t it be great if [technology] was able to [do this]?"

About a year ago, I had one of those moments and had an enlightening moment when I found serendipity from wayfaring, in answer to the question "Wouldn’t it be great if Google Maps was able to map waypoints?"  (Google added the functionality directly about 8 months later.)

Twitter is a great tool and I’ve had fun playing around with it.  It’s not a core part of my media consumption diet.  But I have been wondering, "wouldn’t it be great if Twitter was able to twittercast Red Sox games?"

I’m not always in a situation where I can or want to watch TV, let alone NESN or ESPN.  I’ve been getting mobile updates through the Red Sox Extra Bases blog where Amalie Benjamin gives great (but infrequent) in-game updates.

And today comes serendipity from Twitter.  I google "twitter red sox" and there’s the solution I’ve been searching for.  Community is a wonderful thing.